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- Each set contains 24 pcs in 12 sizes - 12 pcs for each hand. Easy to find your size.

Get ready to nail it 👀 with Bubbleyum Press On Nails. These Pink Sparkle nails will add a touch of glitz to your fingertips and are perfect for any occasion. No need to go to a salon, just press on and go! 💅✨

 Each box is including:

  1. 1 alcohol pad 
  2. 1 mini file 
  3. 1 cuticle sticker 
  4. 1 2g pink glue 
  5. 1 adhesive tabs 
1. Wash your hands and clean your nails with alcohol pad
2. Push back your cuticles with cuticle stick
3. Buff nails with file
4. Apply sticky tabs onto finger nail OR Apply a small amount of the nail glue onto your fingernail 
5. Press nail on and hold down firmly for 5-10 seconds 

6. Repeat on the rest of the fingers

How to remove?
1. Immerse hand in warm water & soap then use a wooden stick to peel them off from the side.
2. Clean off any remaining nail glue or adhesive. Poof! You are done.



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